CrossFit Classes

CrossFit Fairbanks is well known for focusing on our athlete’s form and technique over intensity. Our highly trained coaches are always watching to ensure everyone receives a safe, efficient and effective training session every time!

We offer a little bit of everything in our programming. The classes generally start with a warm up and will consist of getting your blood flow heightened and posterior chain and core strengthened. Your body will be pruned and ready to go! Next we will take about 20 minutes to do strength and/or skill work. Normally, strength will follow an 8 to 12 week cycle prioritizing around competition schedules that vary from local meets to the CrossFit Open.

In our programming you will see a lot of the different lifts in Olympic Weightlifting and PowerLifting. We will also do many of the traditional CrossFit movements such as thrusters, push press, burpee’s, wall balls, double under’s, pistols, etc. Gymnastics is no stranger to us either.

Everything we offer here can be scaled to each individual and our highly trained staff is more than happy to help you find where to start!